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Committed to Excellence

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for those who may not have access to community, capital and resources needed for survival and success. We tackle the hardships of society by providing a holistic approach to enriching impoverished communities.  We provide individuals with a framework to succeed by focusing on five major areas that are vital to an individuals success. The five areas of focus are mental health, physical health, financial literacy, creating generational wealth and redefining vocational skills.  

Greetings From

Tiffany Wartman, Founder/CEO 

Tiffany Wartman is the CEO of Educating Our Community. Tiffany was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago in Englewood.  Tiffany has always been dedicated to ensuring that Chicago and the areas around it have the resources needed to develop prosperity and stability. Her personal and professional goals include helping the community by giving food, clothing, and early access to financial literacy for local adolescents and families. Tiffany has dedicated the last 15 years to assisting people, startups, major charitable organizations, and foundations in building sound financial foundations. She has developed a financial curriculum that is currently being used in Chicago in public and private high schools to teach students the value of having a solid financial foundation.

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